Laboratory MicroscopeMicroscopes, centrifuges and burners, -these are probably some lab tools that you hear or see most of the time. They are those devices usually seen in Science classes and even in museums. But actually, they are important tools even in other areas of study. To date, several other fields require various lab equipment for a more precise and efficient studying. Thus, soaring scientific studies and other technological fields increase the demand for laboratory equipment.

Lab Equipment and Types

Laboratory equipment refers to all important devices and tools that scientists, students and other professionals use for data gathering or analyzing. This may include even the smallest apparatus to the most complicated and huge equipment found in the laboratory. Lab devices are specifically used for experimentation and data measurements. Such tools played a very significant role in the discovery of various scientific theories, laws and even cure for diseases. Take the microscope’s case for example, without this equipment, Koch wouldn’t know the cell’s composition and other scientists wouldn’t have formulated the cell theory. Cure for diseases were also invented using lab tools. Penicillin and rabies injections are some of the best evidences. With this, lab equipment is definitely helpful in any field.

Laboratory Equipment for Various Purposes

With various advancements in Science and Technology, lab tools are improved to aid in studying other branches of Science. Engineering uses different pieces of testing equipment. Thus, engineers are able to understand their subjects using helpful scientific tools. Even cosmetology benefits from these indispensable devices. Microscopes and testing equipment are some of the known tools significantly used by cosmetic doctors in providing services to their clients.

Important Lab Equipment for Scientific Study

  • Microscopes - As you may know, microscopes allow scientists to observe anything that can’t be seen with only the naked eye. Magnifying organisms up to a hundred times their sizes, microscopes provide everyone with a better understanding of the composition and appearance of all the things around us. These tools are present in all laboratories, may it be school labs or hospital testing areas.
  • Infrared Thermometers - Infrared thermometers are especially important for Chemistry students since these tools give them precise temperature measurements.
  • Viscometers - As the name indicates, viscometers measure a certain fluid’s viscosity . These tools are important for laboratories since most substances and chemicals have to be identified using their viscosity.
  • Centrifuge machines - Centrifuge machines are essential both for the school and hospital labs. This type of equipment is used in separating various components of fluids. Hence, the core constituent of the object can be readily accessed.
  • Spectrometers - An important tool in Physics and Biology research, spectrometers measure light wavelengths and separate them according to their spectrum.

Healthcare Equipment

  • Imaging systems - Imaging systems are important equipment in today’s modern medical procedures. These tools are used to produce pictures of the patient’s body to accurately diagnose diseases. These devices may be in the form of MRI’s, thermography and other radiography-related testing systems.
  • Dental Equipment - Dental testing tools are used to examine tooth defects and problems. Often, these devices are also used to provide treatment and tooth restoration to patients.
  • Centrifuge Machines - Centrifuge machines can also be classified as medical tools since they are essential for blood testing and separation.
  • Audiometers - Audiometers are clinically used to measure a person’s capability to hear sounds. They are used to detect hearing impairment and other auditory problems.
  • Hematology analyzer - Found in most advanced clinics and hospitals, hematology analyzers help doctors measure a patient’s overall health.

Equipment Suppliers

Laboratory equipment suppliers are abundant especially on the Internet. There are companies which provide medical equipment while others present school lab tools. Equipment offered in online sites may range from brand-new devices to used ones.